Brass Lighting System

For Folk, in collaboration with Leander Angerer & Roland Ellis

We are currently working with Folk clothing to produce cast brass lamps for an interior lighting system.

Folk is an established clothing brand with a great eye for detail and quality which is reflected in their products. We have been working with their Creative Director, Cathal McAteer, on the design development, electronics integration and production of their first piece of lighting.

The lamps are made from cast brass and oak dowel and can be arranged as desk and floor lamps, with marble bases, or as ceiling pendants. They are featured in the Folk Store in Soho and are currently in development for retail purchase. For more information on the availability of the lamps please contact Folk directly.

Photos by Alice Fisher

The brass lamp parts were cast in Crewe, the dowel was cut in Nottingham and the lamps were assembled at our studio in London. Here are just a few of the making-of photos.

Photos by ONN Studio